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Academy Education Photography for Bromley Trust Academy  : Kent

Academy education photography kent bromley trust academy photography by louise paige image of music school teacher for School Academy photography academy photography image from louise paige School Prospectus Photography

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Academy Photography for Website & Prospectus. Kent

Bromley College have a talented in house website team who have put together 2 stunning sites. They showcase the education photography beautifully. A simple but full screen site with cutting edge filters and effects. Stylish font and logo. A unique School website design with great impact! The clean design encourages you to browse and discover, with simple easy navigations.


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The Academy approached me last summer to shoot Education Photography for Hayes Campus ( Primary School) & Midfield Campus ( Secondary School). An exclusion school based in Bromley, Kent and set up to help children who have been excluded from mainstream schools. The staff at both schools do an amazing job, and its easy to see students are flourishing, with such positivity and dedication. So it was very important to focus on capturing some special moments between the students and teachers.

The students throughly enjoyed being involved in the shoot, and came up with some great ideas for images themselves, which I always like to encourage. And the icing on the cake, was to see this stunning website design the in-house Trust’s team have put together.

Art direction by School Prospectus Photographer

Art direction does take a little extra effort & time. But the results are outstanding. And lift your school prospectus images to another level. Obviously the way big brands, and advertisers will work. Ensuring all the details and images are 100% usable. Even the apparent casual “lifestyle” images, brands like to convey as “spontaneous”, rarely are. Inevitably without the Art Directed approach, a photographer cannot ensure, the details are covered. Inclusivity & balance are hard to achieve in every activity. Without being able to re-arrange the room or subjects, they have to shoot what they observe. Consequently a lot of time & money can be invested to find 50% of the images are not covering appropriate subjects. Wearing correct uniform or eliminating issues in backgrounds.

I would encourage & advise schools to consider this approach. Natural Reportage can be great, and random winning shots made. But more & more, with big academies, busy crowded class environments and every changing room lighting, make this tricky. Capturing key subjects with the right uniforms, props safety equipment & overalls, without art direction & good lighting can be a lottery. And a school could find they are wasting a lot of time & money.

Talk to your photographer regarding your schools schedule, and see if this will work for you.

Academy School Photography


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 thankyou Louise 

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