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I had an interesting challenge presented with Free School Marketing Photography for Galleywall Primary. (City of London Academy). Galleywall Free School was not yet open. But Galleywall’s school marketing plan was well under way and some school images urgently needed. The Free school marketing images needed to coincide with the arrival of their new uniforms. They also had a striking school prospectus design and new school website awaiting the photography.

 Galleywall Primary – City Of London Academy

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New Free School Prospectus marketing plan.

Their Free School building was still under construction. So another location & pupils were arranged by the team to set-up our shots. Redriff Primary’s Headteacher Mickey Kelly also attended the shoot. He will be executive head of the New Free School.

The marketing team had mentioned the great new uniforms and I wasn’t disappointed when I saw them. Vibrant purple cardigans, jumpers, and tartan skirts and a striking school emblem logo design. I could tell they would create dynamic, modern school prospectus images. The pupils were very so excited to be wearing them and be part of the shoot day. The School had picked conscientious, hard working pupils. They concentrated and took direction well. So a very productive day.

Fortunately the school had plenty of greenery in the outside areas, similar to the one being created in the New Free School. But unlike Galleywall, it’s was a modern building, so my prospectus photography composition needed to disguise this.

 School Image delivery

Galleywall needed a quick turnaround. So I left my weekend free to edit & deliver the school images within 24 hours. My photography for the Free School Prospectus design worked well. I loved the results.

 School Website Images

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 thankyou Louise 

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