Natural School Photography

By April 3, 2017News
natural school photography in Camden london

The term Natural School Photography, always makes me smile. Any professional school photographer knows exactly what’s involved. And the process is rarely natural. However the results should look natural.

Good Natural School Photography Images

To create professional standard natural school images takes teamwork. To organise clean appropriate uniforms and up to date equipment. Scheduling to capture appropriate facilities & activities. Briefing to teachers & students to organise activities. A good balance of students to represent demographics. Awareness of school prospectus layout and text. And any website templates, banners of other school marketing material being used. Consideration given to desired style, composition & lighting. Then the natural part! Capturing natural animation, interactions, activities and focused study.

Natural school photography conveys a “spontaneous” moment. The sense the photographer is a fly on the wall. However natural school images can be deceptive. Commercial school photography involves planning.

Natural School Photography images shot for Maria Fedelis. Camden, London.


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