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School Photographer : Discussing School Prospectus Vs Website?

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School website vs prospectus? As a commercial schools Photographer I find many clients & agencies choosing between using a school prospectus or website to promote educational institutions. With the rapid growth of digital technology, many are now just investing in websites as their primary marketing tool. However, the traditional school prospectus still holds its ground, offering a more personal touch. I often ask those in charge of the marketing the pros and cons of both options. Some of their answers below.

female-science-primary-school-studentschool prospectus photographer

School Prospectus Vs School Website : Pros & Cons?



On one hand, a school website provides a dynamic and interactive platform for showcasing your institution’s facilities, curriculum, and achievements. With the ability to update content regularly, it keeps parents and students well-informed. Additionally, websites allow for multimedia integration, making it easier to share videos, photos, and testimonials.


On the other, a prospectus offers a tactile personal experience, allowing readers to flip through the pages and engage with the information in a more tangible way. And especially works well if a school has undertaken a rebranding. A school prospectus is perfect to showcase the new look. There is also the bonus, if a child does take a place at the school, parents keeping a copy as a lovely memory for years to come.

School Photographer layout considerations.

I love to see work in print, as a photographer seeing my images combined with the logo & branding on a cover, is always gratifying. However it’s just as exciting to see it banner or full page online. Fortunately many still cover both. As a commercial Photographer, I have to be aware of both mediums. Keeping print layout & website banner styles in mind while shooting. Capturing landscape & Portrait. And after processing images that can be used in both mediums.

Galleywall Primary School Images

Below some prospectus & website images shot for schools & colleges using both. The first a trust launching their Free Primary school. They worked perfectly for both the prospectus & website.

london academy prospectus photographerfree school marketing photography london academy school photography

School Photographer London :  Jessops Primary School

Jessops Primary was another london school who needed both. And yet another interesting challenge. Taking  school images at an exciting time. With new construction works and expansion underway. The challenge was to show the children in classroom settings but not capture too much background. I will return to capture them in their impressive architect-designed contemporary new building. The images will be added to the schools new website. And used for their annual brochure and general school marketing.

Another plus they had a great nursery pre-school day centre attached. I really enjoyed capturing shots with the parents, children and trained care staff.  This small primary school is based in south london. It’s popular and highly sought after. “Outstanding” London schools are hard to find. The children at Jessops are over flowing with confidence and character. It’s not hard to capture special candid moments. Naturally animated and enthusiastic, they made my job easy. With plenty of volunteers, it didn’t take long .

  school photographer ukNursery School photographer london

Other Academic Images.

I have worked with Primary, Secondary Schools, Colleges & Academy’s for many years, I am based in Surrey but working across the UK.

Below a selection from my portfolio. But please view my portfolio for specific key stages.

education images of photographers images creative candid school photographer stylish educational photography  SpDL educational photographer Surrey

Vocational prospectus photographerimages from Bristol School & college Photographer

Modern Fresh School Photography


Please view other educational stages in galleries above.

 thankyou Louise 

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