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Education Website Photography East Sussex for Frewen College in Rye, East Sussex. By Louise Paige school Website Photographer


The College needed specialist website photography. East Sussex Frewen College teach students with learning difficulties. These can include dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.

Covering  prep, primary, secondary & sixth form and with boarding facilities they have pupils from all over the world.

Housed in a stunning Old Jacobean country house. The school is set around gorgeous listed gardens with the oldest walled gardens in East Sussex. Surrounded by fields, beautiful landscapes, and grazing sheep & cows deep in the countryside. Its a calm relaxing environment and a pretty special place to undertake an education.

Dyslexic Specialist Education Facilities:

School Prospectus Photography & website photography needed to show the range of teaching approaches. Strategies that are used by their experienced staff to enable pupils to find ways around the SpLD. Issues that can make academic subjects difficult. Certainly not a traditional education system. All the extra SpLD assistance is constant. Frewen College has been around for over 100 years .It is one of the founding & oldest specialist dyslexia educations in existence. They have a typical maximum class size of eight pupils. Richard Branson is a famous advocate of Frewen, having suffered with dyslexia himself.

Shooting the students, recording techniques used for their specific learning difficulties, became an interesting education for me as well.

School Lifestyle Photography

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 thankyou Louise 

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