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Having been an Education Photographer for 10 years. And I couldn’t of picked a more diverse time. The Education sector has experienced big changes. And School marketing has become very competitive.

Education Photographer & Marketing for Academies, Free Schools, Trusts, Secondary & Independent Schools.

I’ve shot many Schools going through changes. Either being created from scratch or transforming. Some just moving into amazing new buildings. Large city academies Free School and Trusts.

It has been interesting, sometimes challenging but always fun. As school prospectus & website photography can be needed from their initial concept for early marketing. This can involve “mock” shoots. Photographing students at angles hiding their logos (maybe new branding on its way). If we are lucky, getting our hands on few new uniforms. Or posing to hide surroundings (a new building on the way).

Returning as their Education photographer further down the line is exciting. Recording results of all the hard work & transformation, up & running.

Bow School Education Photographer. East London.

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East London School Education Photographer

One of my favourite Secondary Schools I’ve watched on this journey is Bow School in East London.

A few years ago they were squeezed into a slightly decaying Victorian schoolhouse. Although crowded there was always a happy atmosphere. Nervous that would be lost moving into their huge new building they needn’t of worried. With the student expansion, inclusion of 6th form and admission of Girls the spirit survived and quickly filled the space. Led by inspiring head teacher Cath Smith (one of the best Head Teachers I have met) the transition is complete. And a great success.

Bow School is an incredible educational building. Designed with huge open spaces, enabling all key stages to socialise easily. Another effective design in bringing students together, and creating an inclusive atmosphere, is the open gallery classrooms. And I love the fact the architects have been allowed to be brave & sophisticated with the interior finish. The students are not patronized. A massive industrial concrete wall and cool urban lighting brings a surprising warmth to the space. It’s quite unique. And reflects perfectly the level of warmth & maturity I’ve experienced working with Bow School students & teachers.

If you are looking for a school education photographer, pls get in touch.

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