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Looking for a Photographer for your Schools shoot. So how do you select? Whether it be prospectus, website or general PR shots, is crucial to capturing the essence of the school and creating a compelling narrative. Here are some tips to help in the selection process:

Hi I’m Louise Paige. I have been shooting School Prospectus & website photography for over 10 years. After talking to clients, listening to their objectives for school photography. I’ve put together a list of tips, i hope will help.

10 Tips for finding an experienced photographer for schools.

1: Review website: Above all, spend a decent amount of time looking through the portfolios of different photographers for Schools to get a sense of their style, creativity, and ability to capture relevant moments. Are the images uplifting & inspiring? Do they show not only the pupils but the school in a positive light. Backgrounds are important! Pay attention to the composition, lighting, and emotions conveyed in their images.

2: Current Subjects: Do their images show current key learning activity. Up to date & modern. Is their a strong message & atmosphere conveyed. Equally important, have they managed to get staff involved and capture strong relaxed teacher-pupil interaction? Do their images show the photographer has managed to direct the pupils well. To capture focused study as well as social engaged interactions.


3: All photographers, but schools in particular, need to pay attention to the details. A messy uniform, (over-stuffed pockets, wrong sports kits etc) untidy desks, clutter etc. Not wearing appropriate safety clothes/goggles, wrong text books etc can easily spoil a fantastic shot, and make it unusable. You are investing a lot of time & money. Authenticity is important, but we’d all rather show ourselves on a good day, not the worst. A good photographer edits kindly.


  1. Check references: Reach out to schools or clients that have worked with the photographer in the past and ask for feedback on their professionalism, communication, and the quality of their work. Check the testimonials on the site. And if experienced in other commercial sectors.
  1. Discuss vision and goals.

    If you have time, Schedule a meeting or phone call, with your shortlist to discuss your vision, goals, and expectations. Ensuring that they understand the unique aspects of your school and can translate them into captivating images.

6: Experience: This is key. Inquire about their experience in working with schools and capturing educational environments. Understanding the dynamics & plan of a school environment is essential for efficient scheduling. And discuss types of lighting & shooting if need be in crowded spaces within tight timeframes.

7 : Consider budget and timeline: Discuss pricing, availability, and turnaround time with potential photographers. It’s essential to find a photographer who can deliver high-quality images within your budget and timeline.

8: Most importantly a School Photographer who has extensive experience across the age group, you need. Also an easy rapport with students. Used to working in large inner-city as well as small rural schools. Awareness of inclusivity. Any SEN photography experience is a plus.


9: Consider the different ways School photographers work, and whether that fits in with your scheduling. My personal approach is heavily Commercial Art directed images. I find this ensures the highest standard results. Its not all photographers approach. Find a photographer who suits your day & needs. A good resource for commercial photographers is Bark.

10: Finally…have a cup of tea if finished above. ;-)


In summary by selecting the right photographer for schools you can create unique professional school prospectus photography. Photography that sets you apart and showcases the true spirit of education. 


More portfolios below.

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I also shoot for commercial clients such as : Champneys Spa Group, Green People, BBC, IPC, Focus SB, Keeler, Tulchan Textiles, and many others.

If you would like to view my commercial photography site (the link takes you to a separate site).

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