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What makes a good school shoot?

Finding good quality School Prospectus photography is of course the first step in your school marketing plan. But after that it really is a team effort.

Prepare the day in advance as much as possible. Discuss directly with your photographer, key messages you need to convey. Brief your students, parents and teachers. Get the relevant permissions. Make sure all students used in images have correct uniforms and sports kits. Check their uniforms are clean and smart.

Finding locations that are interesting, and areas of interest to highlight.

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School Prospectus Photography – get involved!

Getting your teachers involved can;t be emphasised too much. Spend time arranging beforehand, activities, events, students and props needed. Highlighting any specialisms you want covered for your school prospectus photography. The more thought given the more professional the results. And having a tight schedule passed to your staff beforehand, so they know exactly when to expect the photographer, will help you get the most from your day. And help the photographer keep disruption of classes to a minimum.

School Marketing plan for Prospectus photography

Of course not everyone tasked with organising the day will have the time or resources to plan everything. Thats why I always offer a comprehensive schedule and checklist if requested. As an experienced Commercial photographer, I understand the need to balance budgets & time. Prioritising shots to convey key messages. Fail to plan, prepare to fail is so true with school prospectus photography. With busy classrooms and pressure on teachers, working quickly without losing quality is essential.

So if you need some advice please ask for a copy my checklist ahead of our shoot. You can either use for guidance or I’m more than happy to discuss your timetable & produce my own schedule.

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